• Introduction 

      1. Aiming at protecting your personal data, Fabrika dečje hrane d.o.o. / Baby Food Factory LTD, Dobanovci, Str. Maršala Tita no. 206, registration no. 21212270 (hereinafter: the Factory), in the capacity of the data controller, informs you hereby on the manner of processing your data which the Factory obtains from your use of the websites, and

      2. The Factory values your privacy and processes all of your personal data in a legal, fair and transparent manner, fully in line with the Law on Personal Data Protection, GDPR and other territorially valid regulations on personal data protection (hereinafter: the Law).

      3. Please find below detailed information on types of personal data which we collect and the manner of their processing.

  • Technical data 

      1. The websites of the Factory may be accessed without registration. 

      2. When you visit our website, we collect data on your unique IP address which is anonymised. The IP address is used for logging sessions, ensuring security of the website and processing potential misuse of the access. 

      3. Further, when you visit the website, hosting and Internet service providers record metadata such as: source and destination of communication; start, duration and end of communication; transmission status; quantity of transmitted data; identification of user terminal equipment; location of user mobile terminal equipment; type, language and version of web browser and operating system.

      4. Identification of a person based on an IP address used at certain time may be performed by the operator providing internet services to such person based on a request of a competent public authority and in line with effective regulations.

      5. In the above cases, the legal basis for processing your personal data is the legitimate interest of the data controller, in view of the fact that such data are required for smooth technical functioning of websites and session identification. 

  • Cookies 

    1. The Factory websites use cookies. Cookies are files in your web browser stored on your device, containing certain settings and data for exchange with our system. Cookies may be temporary – if stored only for the session duration, or permanent – if stored after the session as well. 

    2. There are different types of cookies, depending on their purpose:

  • Functional cookies – allowing smooth functioning of web pages, i.e. their main functions;

  • Performance cookies – collecting information on the manner of use of the pages in order to improve their attractiveness, contents and functionality, e.g. statistics on website and pages visits, time spent on pages, order of visited pages, etc.;

  • Content setting cookies – allowing personalised functions, i.e. remembering of your website settings, e.g. selection of a language;

  • Marketing cookies – tracking visitor activities for purposes of targeted marketing, i.e. posting relevant advertising. Marketing cookies may originate from external advertising companies (third-party cookies) and they are used for collecting information on websites visited by users for purposes of user-targeted advertising.

  1. The Factory is authorised for using functional cookies without your consent, and you will receive information on the cookies we use via a cookie-banner appearing when you first access the website where you give your consent for their use. 

  2. You may delete the cookies in your computer at any moment or you may change cookie-related settings of your browser. However, in case you change the cookie settings, you might not be able to use all website functionalities.

  3. In such case, the legal basis for cookie processing is your consent, as well as the legitimate interest of the Factory. 

  • Google Analytics 

      1. Our websites stranice and use Google Analytics, a web analytics service of the company Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountainview, California 94043, USA (hereinafter: Google). Google Analytics uses cookies helping in analysing website use by its users, such as pages you visit within the Factory websites and time you spend on them, measuring the number of active users, analysing clicks, interests and demographic indicators of visitors, pages from which you visit the Factory’s website, etc. Google uses such information for creating reports on website activity, enabling us to analyse their contents, and create and implement their improvements in technical and content-wise terms.

      2. Your IP address sent by your web browser to Google Analytics is not matched to other data in the possession of Google. Furthermore, information on your IP address is anonymised prior to creating the analytics. We do not process or send to Google the data based on which you may be identified for purposes of using the Google Analytics services. 

      3. Information collected in the manner described above is sent by Google to a server located in the USA where it is stored. The Factory has IP anonymization activated for its websites and therefore, prior to sending, Google truncates your IP address in terms of the EU member-countries or other countries-signatories of the EEA Agreement.

      4. You may find further information on terms of use and data privacy protection at the address

      5. You may prevent cookie storing by adequately setting your web browser. You can also prevent logging of cookie-generated data (including your IP address) and processing of such data by Google by downloading and installing an add-on to your browser from the following link:

  • Facebook Pixel

      1. Websites and  use the Facebook Pixel tool of the company Facebook, Inc. 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, SAD (hereinafter: Facebook). Facebook Pixel allows tracking of activity of users logged into their Facebook account, implying their interaction with Facebook ads and websites of the Factory, i.e. redirecting to the Factory websites by clicking a Facebook ad. The process is aimed at assessing effectiveness of Facebook ads for statistical and market-research purposes and it may help in optimising future advertising campaigns. The data collected are anonymous, meaning that we cannot identify you based on them and we do not send personal data to Facebook. 

      2. Your web browser automatically establishes a direct link to the Facebook server. We cannot impact the volume and further use of data collected by Facebook via the tool, and therefore, please note that, according to information available to us, Facebook receives the information that you have accessed our web page or clicked on our ad. If you are registered for the Facebook services, Facebook may match your visit with your account. Even if you are not registered for Facebook or not logged in, the service provider may obtain and save your IP address and other identification data. Facebook uses your data further in line with the Facebook guidelines for using data: 

      3. The said function may be deactivated via the address

  • Google Tag Manager

      1. The Factory website uses the tool Google Tag Manager (GTM) allowing management of website tags through an interface. GTM implements only tags, meaning, it does not use cookies or collect personal data. GTM activates other tags which collect data if necessary. If deactivation is performed at the domain or cookie level, it remains valid for all tracking tags if implemented with GTM.

  • Links to other websites 

      1. The websites of the Factory contain a button – link to the LinkedIn page, containing the LinkedIn logo. If you click on the button, you will be redirected to a website managed by a third party which will become the controller of your personal data and responsible for processing your personal data in line with terms of use and privacy policy published by the LinkedIn network. LinkedIn servers may be located outside the Republic of Serbia. 

  • Scheduling visits to the Factory 

      1. Interested persons may schedule a visit to the Factory by filling in a contact form on the Factory website When filling in the form, you will be required to enter your name, surname and phone number which will be used for scheduling and carrying out the visit. 

      2. In this case, you provide your data voluntarily, and the legal basis for the data processing is your consent. If you do not give your consent for the data processing, we will not be able to schedule the visit. 

  • Contact 

      1. Interested persons may send a message to the Factory by filling in a contact form on the Factory website. Prior to sending a message, you will be required to enter your name, surname, address, phone number and email which will be used for communicating on the subject matter of your message to the Factory.

      2. In this case, you provide your data voluntarily, and the legal basis for the data processing is your consent. If you do not give your consent for the data processing, we will not be able to answer to your message. 

      3. Moreover, depending on the subject matter of the message, the Factory may process your personal data on other legal bases. For instance, if the contact form you fill in contains a complaint on the quality of our products, further processing of your data will be necessary in order for the data controller to observe its legal obligations. 

  • Recruitment and selection of candidates 

      1. Interested persons may apply for open employment positions at the Factory by email published on the website A click on the email opens your email application. 

      2. In case you apply for a job in this manner, we will process data which you provide on this occasion, the data being: email, information from your cover letter and CV such as name, surname, date of birth, mobile phone number, email, address of residence, degree and type of education, work experience, driver licence and category, certificates of professional exams relevant for the employment and references. In case you are invited to an interview, you will be additionally informed, prior to the interview, on personal data processing within the further procedure of recruitment and selection. 

      3. We process your data in order to be able to communicate with you, process your application, carry out the selection, assess your competences and fulfilment of conditions for employment and potentially employ you. 

      4. In this case, you provide your data voluntarily, and the legal basis for the data processing is Article 12, Paragraph 1, Item 2) of the Law on Personal Data Protection – the processing is required in order to undertake activities requested by the data subject, prior to concluding the contract. 

  • Data processors and recipients 

    1. Data collected based on your visit to the Factory websites are processed by the following categories of entities engaged by the data controller:

  • Factory management bodies;

  • Entity whose server hosts the websites;

  • Entities engaged for administering the websites; 

  • Entities engaged for providing other services to the Factory related to the Internet, advertising or analytics, web server management, etc.;

  • Legal and external consultants of the Factory.

  1. In case of an acquisition, a status change, liquidation, bankruptcy, reorganisation or other transactions resulting in a change of the ownership structure or management of the Factory, the data may be transmitted to entities participating in such transaction. 

  2. The Factory concludes agreements with all processors, regulating the scope and duration of the processing, nature and purpose of the processing, type of personal data and type of data subjects, as well as rights and obligations of the data controller. Such agreements guarantee that adequate technical, organisational and human resource measures will be undertaken, in the manner ensuring the processing compliant with effective regulations and protection of rights of data subjects.

    1. We may transmit your data to competent public authorities, at their request, in line with effective regulations. 

      1. The data controller processes your data in the Republic of Serbia and at the time of creating the present Privacy Policy, the data controller does not intend to transmit them to other countries or international organisations. 

  • Measures of personal data protection 

      1. We process personal data with mandatory implementation of adequate legal, technical, human resource and organisational measures aimed at protecting personal data, including protection from unauthorised or illegal processing and accidental loss, destruction or damage, in line with legal principles of the processing. The data may be accessed by a limited (minimal necessary) number of persons performing tasks related to data processing and the processing is limited only to activities necessary for achieving the purpose of the processing. Data are stored in the form allowing identification of persons only within the timeframe necessary for achieving the purpose of the processing. 

  • Rights of data subjects 

    1. In line with the Law, we hereby inform you of the rights which you have in relation to processing of your personal data: 

  • Right to withdraw the consent for the processing at any moment, with the withdrawal not affecting the admissibility of the processing based on a consent given prior to the withdrawal, 

  • Right to access your data and information on their processing, including delivery of data copes, with you being obliged to compensate necessary costs of their creation,

  • Right to correct, supplement and erase your personal data without undue delay, 

  • Right to restrict processing,

  • Right to object to processing of your personal data, especially including an objection to data processing for purposes of direct advertising, including profiling, 

  • Right to data portability in case of automated processing based on a consent or an agreement. 

  1. You may use the above rights in case of fulfilling conditions prescribed by the Law, by submitting a request to the data controller via the email or a request sent to the address of the data controller. The request must contain specification of the data, the right required to be exercised, date and signature of the applicant. The data controller will assess the admissibility of such request on case-by-case basis, in line with the Law, and send a reply within the prescribed timeframe. 

  2. Should you deem that your personal data have been processed in violation of the Law, you may send a complaint to the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, address: Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 15, 11000 Beograd i.e., other territorially competent authority for personal data protection. 

  • Consent to personal data processing 

    1. When accessing the Factory websites, you confirm electronically (by clicking a button) that you are informed of personal data processing in line with the present Privacy Policy and that your give your consent for the aforesaid.

    2. The present Privacy Policy may be amended and supplemented. The website users will be informed on such amendments and supplements when they next access a website in order to provide an electronic confirmation that they are informed of the new Privacy Policy and that they provide their consent to it.

    3. The present Privacy Policy shall come into force on 21 April 2020.