Nutrino Lab is a new brand on the health food market specialized in the production of fruit and vegetable purees and juices. It stands out from other brands by the unique technology by which fruits and vegetables are processed in such a way as to preserve all their nutritional values, vitamins and minerals- without any additives. Strictly controlled production process takes place under the supervision of a professional team of technologists, who with their knowledge and imagination contribute to the diversity of tastes, balance of the nutritional properties and safety of the final product.


Nutri-Score is an innovative labeling system that displays the nutritional value of a product in a simple and summary way. The nutritional value of food or beverages is calculated taking into account the ratio of ingredients that should be consumed less, such as saturated fats, sugars, salts and those that are healthier, which are fiber, protein and protein.

In the alphabet of a balanced diet, all foods are included because the body needs them to function normally. That is why Nutri-Score indicates which foods can be consumed more often, and which should be limited, from the most nutritionally rich green A to the least rich red E.

Our purees belong to category A due to the harmonious relationship between the energy value and the content of vitamins, minerals and fiber, and that makes them suitable for frequent consumption.


Simple pouch packaging preserves the long-lasting freshness, aroma and nutritional values of the product; moreover it’s practical to take away and consume on the go.


Nutrino products are based on the model of a “colorful plate”, following the pyramid of healthy diet. Our idea is to make fruits and vegetables, which are on the very top of this pyramid, available at any time in practical packaging. Keeping in mind people who lead a busy life, with not much time to prepare fresh fruit drinks, we created Nutrino lab line to provide consumers with a healthy and tasty snack at all times.


Functional mixes are healthy foods with certain benefits for the consumer. There are three different combinations designed to meet the needs of people who lead an active life, do sports, or simply want to have a healthy snack within reach. In addition to fruits, functional purees also contain selected vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals that provide energy and generally have positive effects on the organism.


Fruit purees are created by careful selection of fruits from certified producers. One pouch bag is equivalent to a glass of freshly blended fruit. They come in variations, for different tastes, from pure apple and domestic fruit, to interesting combinations with exotic fruits. All fruit purees are marked with A on the Nutri-Score scale.


Fruit-oat mixes represent an innovative synthesis of classic fruit puree with nutritious ingredients. Combinations of carefully selected 100% fruit and oats with super nutritious chia and flax seeds provide a unique dose of health without added sugar, additives, and preservatives. They come in three irresistible flavors designed to provide a phenomenal healthy fiber-rich eating experience that you can conveniently take with you.


The traditional experience of consuming oatmeal in a completely healthy way. Neutrino Lab oatmeal is created without added sugar, flavors, preservatives, and additives. They come in three fruit-oat flavor combinations with nutritious additions like chia and flaxseed. These porridges are the ultimate option for a balanced and tasty breakfast without compromising on quality, they are completely vegan and provide a long feeling of satiety.


Our products do not contain allergen and gluten. They are a safe snack for persons on a special diet, as well as those who wish to improve the quality of their nutrition. Thanks to the CIP (clean in place) technology, allergen-sensitive users are additionally safe because the production line undergoes an automated cleaning process after each usage. CIP washing procedures are part of the overall hygiene regime in our food and beverage production facilities.


Nutrino lab products are made in Baby Food Factory in Dobanovci, which specializes in creating food for babies and young children. The process of production of Nutrino purees undergoes the same strict quality control as the food for babies, which places Nutrino Lab products among those of the highest quality and the highest safety for the consumer.